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Paint with Glaze Finishes


Available on Maple, Oak, Cherry, Birch and Hickory1

A base paint is applied to the wood for consistent color coverage. A flood coat of glaze is then applied and hand-wiped, leaving behind soft tones in the corners and recesses of the door. Next, a highlight glaze is brushed into the corners and recesses by hand to emphasize the subtle variations in color.

  • Glazing is a finish process that involves two hand-detailed techniques, so no two doors look exactly alike.
  • The initial flood coat of glaze softens the original base color. The highlight glaze increases visual depth and interest in the corners and recesses.
  • A veneer center panel absorbs more of the glaze resulting in a slightly darker color than on the solid wood components of the door frame.

1 Finish availability varies for each type of wood


Available finishes

maple-biscottiwithcinderglaze.jpgBiscotti w/ Cinder Glaze on Maple
maple-biscottiwithcocoaglaze.jpgBiscotti w/Cocoa Glaze on Maple
maple-biscottiwithcoconutglaze.jpgBiscotti w/Coconut Glaze on Maple
maple-canvaswithcinderglaze.jpgCanvas w/ Cinder Glaze on Maple
maple-canvaswithcocoaglaze.jpgCanvas w/Cocoa Glaze on Maple
maple-cardinalwithonyxglaze.jpgCardinal w/Onyx Glaze on Maple
maple-chaiwithcinderglaze.jpgChai w/Cinder Glaze on Maple
maple-chaiwithcocoaglaze.jpgChai w/Cocoa Glaze on Maple
maple-chaiwithcoconutglaze.jpgChai w/Coconut Glaze on Maple
maple-dovewhitewithcinderglaze.jpgDove White w/ Cinder Glaze on Maple
maple-dovewhitewithcocoaglaze.jpgDove White w/Cocoa Glaze on Maple
maple-greyloft-sable-glaze.jpgGreyloft w/ Sable Glaze on Maple
maple-midnight-onyx-glaze.jpgMidnight w/ Onyx Glaze on Maple
maple-mushroomwithcinderglaze.jpgMushroom w/ Cinder Glaze on Maple
maple-mushroomwithcocoaglaze.jpgMushroom w/Cocoa Glaze on Maple
maple-mushroomwithcoconutglaze.jpgMushroom w/Coconut Glaze on Maple
maple-pebblegreywithcocoaglaze.jpgPebble Grey w/ Cocoa Glaze on Maple
maple-pebblegreywithcoconutglaze.jpgPebble Grey w/ Coconut Glaze on Maple
maple-sagewithcocoaglaze.jpgSage w/Cocoa Glaze on Maple
maple-sagewithonyxglaze.jpgSage w/Onyx Glaze on Maple
maple-willowwithcinderglaze.jpgWillow w/ Cinder Glaze on Maple
maple-willowwithcocoaglaze.jpgWillow w/Cocoa Glaze on Maple
maple-willowwithcoconutglaze.jpgWillow w/Coconut Glaze on Maple