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Choosing the Right Cabinetry

Creating a space that is uniquely your own can be an overwhelming process.
Explore this section to learn all you need to know to be confident in the choices you make.

Paint With Glaze Finishes

Paint With Glaze Finishes

Paint With Glaze Finishes
Several coats of paint are applied for maximum coverage
Glaze finish is applied to entire door, then hand-wiped to create hang-ups in corners and recessed areas
Glaze highlight color is hand-applied to detail recessed areas

Available on Maple, Oak, Cherry, Birch and Hickory1

A base paint is applied to the wood for consistent color coverage. A flood coat of glaze is then applied and hand-wiped, leaving behind soft tones in the corners and recesses of the door. Next, a highlight glaze is brushed into the corners and recesses by hand to emphasize the subtle variations in color.

  • Glazing is a finish process that involves two hand-detailed techniques, so no two doors look exactly alike.
  • The initial flood coat of glaze softens the original base color. The highlight glaze increases visual depth and interest in the corners and recesses.
  • A veneer center panel absorbs more of the glaze resulting in a slightly darker color than on the solid wood components of the door frame.

1 Finish availability varies for each type of wood

Available finishes

  • Biscotti w/ Cinder Glaze
    Biscotti w/ Cinder Glaze on Maple
  • Biscotti w/Cocoa Glaze
    Biscotti w/Cocoa Glaze on Maple
  • Biscotti w/Coconut Glaze
    Biscotti w/Coconut Glaze on Maple
  • Canvas w/ Cinder Glaze
    Canvas w/ Cinder Glaze on Maple
  • Canvas w/Cocoa Glaze
    Canvas w/Cocoa Glaze on Maple
  • Cardinal w/Onyx Glaze
    Cardinal w/Onyx Glaze on Maple
  • Chai w/Cinder Glaze
    Chai w/Cinder Glaze on Maple
  • Chai w/Cocoa Glaze
    Chai w/Cocoa Glaze on Maple
  • Chai w/Coconut Glaze
    Chai w/Coconut Glaze on Maple
  • Dove White w/ Cinder Glaze
    Dove White w/ Cinder Glaze on Maple
  • Dove White w/Cocoa Glaze
    Dove White w/Cocoa Glaze on Maple
  • Greyloft w/ Sable Glaze
    Greyloft w/ Sable Glaze on Maple
  • Midnight w/ Onyx Glaze
    Midnight w/ Onyx Glaze on Maple
  • Mushroom w/ Cinder Glaze
    Mushroom w/ Cinder Glaze on Maple
  • Mushroom w/Cocoa Glaze
    Mushroom w/Cocoa Glaze on Maple
  • Mushroom w/Coconut Glaze
    Mushroom w/Coconut Glaze on Maple
  • Pebble Grey w/ Cocoa Glaze
    Pebble Grey w/ Cocoa Glaze on Maple
  • Pebble Grey w/ Coconut Glaze
    Pebble Grey w/ Coconut Glaze on Maple
  • Sage w/Cocoa Glaze
    Sage w/Cocoa Glaze on Maple
  • Sage w/Onyx Glaze
    Sage w/Onyx Glaze on Maple
  • Willow w/ Cinder Glaze
    Willow w/ Cinder Glaze on Maple
  • Willow w/Cocoa Glaze
    Willow w/Cocoa Glaze on Maple
  • Willow w/Coconut Glaze
    Willow w/Coconut Glaze on Maple
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