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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

It all began with a television producer’s phone call asking KraftMaid to help a deserving family in need of a fresh start. Seasons later, we are proud to remain the exclusive cabinetry provider of ABC’s award-winning program, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Season 2

Episode 18The Leomiti-Higgins Family

In 2004 the five Higgins children, aged 14 to 21, lost their mother following her brave battle with breast cancer. Three months later, their father passed away due to heart failure. The kids used their last money to pay for their parents’ funeral costs. In addition to going through their devastating loss, they had to figure out a way to stay together and continue living in the two-room converted motel/apartment that the family had shared.

If the oldest sons, Charles Jr., 21 and Michael, 19, worked full-time to care for their siblings – Sharis, 17, Joshua, 16 and 14-year-old Jeremiah – they would have to quit school, which they knew would have devastated their parents.

When the Leomiti family, who were once neighbors to the Higgins, learned that the father had died, they knew in their hearts what they had to do. Without thinking about the inconvenience of space, Phil and Loki Leomiti insisted that the five children come to live with them in their three-bedroom, 1269-sq. ft. ranch style house. With their own three children – Jaboy, 19, 17-year old twins Sina and Joshua and Loki’s mother, Seena – that brought the total number of people in the small home to 11.

The home the Leomitis offered the Higgins kids is not a temporary one. It’s to be the Higgins’ home too, with or without enough space. The Leomiti family is willing to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to ensure that the Higgins have a brighter outlook in life.

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