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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

It all began with a television producer’s phone call asking KraftMaid to help a deserving family in need of a fresh start. Seasons later, we are proud to remain the exclusive cabinetry provider of ABC’s award-winning program, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Season 2

Episode 22The Johnson Family

Kansas City firefighter Stephen Johnson is a man who is used to rescuing others and a hero to so many, including to his own five children.

On his off days from his 24-hour shift at the firehouse, Stephen comes home from his other jobs at the barbershop or as a window washer to cook dinner and help the kids with their homework. This unrelenting schedule leaves little time to address the numerous problems in their 1200-square-foot ranch house. Some of these include windows that leak cold air and water, and a roof that has become so damaged that water now drips down into the walls. Stephen gave up his one luxury in the house, the master bedroom, so that his daughter, the only female in the home, could have her own bathroom. Meanwhile, all the men in the house share one other bathroom, which is in a state of severe disrepair. Stephen raises his children with the selfless edict that one does all one can, and then some. He’s also a pillar of support for his sister and mother. He stays strong for his family, as a dad, a brother and a son, and he stays strong for his community as a firefighter. For all that Stephen Johnson has done to help others, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition wants to step in and build a house that will give this real-life hero and his family a fresh start.

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