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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

It all began with a television producer’s phone call asking KraftMaid to help a deserving family in need of a fresh start. Seasons later, we are proud to remain the exclusive cabinetry provider of ABC’s award-winning program, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Season 6

Episode 20The Almquist Family

The Almquist family has always been very involved with the wild life community. Several years ago, they built Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary, which houses has 20 big cats, 10 smaller cats, and over 100 reptiles. Chemaine works tirelessly getting the community involved with volunteering and donations to help keep the sanctuary up and running while Joel holds down a second job.

While the Almquists struggle to keep a sanctuary for animals, their own home has fallen into disrepair. The family lives in a doublewide mobile home that is held together by duct tape. They have an infestation of mice and no heat or air conditioning. Leaking pipes are causing black mold in several parts of the house and the floors have dangerously large gaping holes that are patched together.

For all this family does for the wild life community, the Extreme Makeover team travels to Phelan, CA to rescue the Almquist family’s home and their Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary.

The Almquist’s new home as well as the new Animal Sanctuary was outfitted with custom cabinetry compliments of KraftMaid. Selections from KraftMaid’s Venicia line of cabinetry were chosen for the kitchen and laundry areas. The Capri door style was selected for both rooms, with the rich black Onyx Gloss stain finishing the ktichen, accented by Satina glass doors and Stainless Steel Bar pulls. Ginger Maple Satin a neutral mid-tone was used for the laundry cabinets with Aluminum hardware completing the woodwork.

The master bathroom was designed using cherry wood cabinets, stained in Sunset, a medium brown hue, embellished with elegant Scrolled Glass door knobs. The learning center kitchen was equipped with Venicia cabinetry as well, where the multi-toned brown Tygris Gloss finish was complemented by Stainless Steel Bar pulls.

KraftMaid Cabinetry Product Information

Episode 20 Episode 20 Episode 20 Episode 20 Episode 20


Door style: Lustra
Finish style:Capri in Onyx
Hardware: #7086

Laundry Room

Door style: Lustra
Finish style: Capri
Hardware: #3028

Animal Kitchen

Door style: Lustra
Finish style: Capri
Hardware: #7086

Learning Center

Door style: Lustra
Finish style: Capri
Hardware: #7087, #7088

Master Bathroom

Door style: Square veneer recessed panel
Finish style: Sunset
Hardware:#7074, #7075

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