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Industry Trends

  • Bathroom Trends

    As America's economy strengthens, remodeling and home renovations are on the rise. Bathrooms are no exception. For homeowners seeking inspiration for bathroom renovations, "earth, wood and heat" characterize the top 10 trends, which include recycled flooring, walk-in showers, quartz countertops, and adding radiant electric heat to floors.

  • GenShift

    For homeowners and homebuyers, "the new normal" of prolonged economic uncertainty not only affects the way we live, but also influences how the space in which we live evolves. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, one might ask how the collision of social, economic and generational influences impact kitchen design. That was the purpose of the GenShift™ 2011: Lifestages Redefining the Kitchen study. The answers may surprise you.

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