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Protecting and nurturing your countertop investment.

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Once you’ve selected your countertop, we want to help protect it from day one. That’s why we use SEALTru™ Intelligent Countertop Protection. It creates a chemical bond on all KraftMaid™ natural granite countertops that helps eliminate the need for sealing the stone for 15 years once it is installed. Helping retain beauty, and giving you peace of mind.

Stain Resistant

The countertop is protected from food stains such as balsamic vinegar, wine, and olive oil. The SealTru Process forms a bond with the stone on a molecular level creating strong stain protection.

UV Resistant

SealTru Countertop Protection Process helps prevent countertops installed indoors from fading or color change.

Maintenance Free

SealTru Countertop Protection Process eliminates the need for stone cleaners, polishes, and sealers. Simply use regular soap, water, and a cloth.

15 Year Limited Warranty

SealTru Countertop Protection Process helps protect countertops from staining for 15 years from the time of installation provided Care and Maintenance Guidelines are followed. For more information on our warranty, view the KraftMaid Countertops Warranty.

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