An Everyday Vacation Kitchen


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Prep and Wash Zone
A designated countertop area with a seperate sink makes
kitchen prep and clean-up less drudgework—maybe even enjoyable?


Multi-Storage Pantry
Large pantry shelves swing out of this cabinet for massive
amounts of storage space that's accessible and organized,
instead of hard-to-reach-the back-of and unruly.


Step Stool Cabinet
For some short people the top shelves might as well not exist.
Get up there without asking favors from taller people, then tuck the step stool where it fits perfectly.


Tiered Combination Drawer
When utensils or silverware of all shapes or sizes have their own designated resting spots, nothing gets lost, damaged, or jumbled.


Angled Utensil Drawer
Every cooking utensil has a slot and every kitchen gadget has compartment, so the catch-all drawer stays nice and neat.


OXO Canister Roll-Out Tray
Streamline bulk storage with three airtight, BPA-free canisters that fit perfectly in a deluxe roll-out tray with a made-to-fit container insert.


Integrated Shallow Storage
Keep spices near the stove or mugs near the coffee maker with this hidden, shallow storage at the end of your cabinets.