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Coastal, Modern Farmhouse, Soft Modern and Heritage home design trends are gaining popularity.

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A Heritage-style home is one where sophisticated homeowners enjoy the finer things in life and entertain guests with gourmet food, wine and stories of their extensive travels. Embellished with details, the home is classically elegant and tailored. Heritage door styles commonly have heavy frames and molding, mitered corners and raised panels that can be accentuated with a luxurious glaze and other finishes to create a traditional, high-end look.

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The down-to-earth Homeowners with an appreciation of art, travel and current fashion are attracted to a Soft Modern design that mimics a Zen, spa-like retreat. Clean, contemporary lines pair with an organic palette of wood, stone and metal to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The eclectic collection of modern, exotic and industrial elements also creates an intriguing style tension. With textural patterning and crisp lines, cabinetry is taken to a new level, enlivening the space. Characteristics of the Soft Modern trend often feature a clean slab door, veneer finish or pillowed edges.

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Coastal  smallrightarrow.png

Simple and understated, the Coastal look never goes out of style. Casual, beach-inspired homes provide a comfortable space for family and friends to gather and entertain. Designs feature a mix of organic materials that are weathered and worn to perfection. Including a dash of a vibrant color to a Coastal design adds just the right amount of fun and spontaneity. KraftMaid Coastal doors have casual details and v-grooved recessed panels that add texture and character to a light and airy space.

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Modern Farmhouse  smallrightarrow.png

Modern Farmhouse designs infuse metropolitan and suburban homes with diverse icons of industrial living, family heritage and the great outdoors. Whether you’re using one dramatic piece or an entire collection, family heirlooms bring personality and comfort into a space while providing an interesting dichotomy when paired with cool, modern metals. Similar hues harmonize in a monochromatic color scheme, creating a relaxing, homespun atmosphere. Modern Farmhouse doors feature unique details, including wider stiles and rails. Add to their charm with Painted, Burnished and Vintage finishes.

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