Door Overlays

KraftMaid Door Overlays on White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets.

Cabinet doors are the most visible part of your cabinetry and key factors in defining your style and bringing your personality to life. With this in mind, KraftMaid offers many unique kitchen and bathroom cabinet door styles for you to choose from, including square, arched, slab, raised and recessed panel options. Cabinet overlay means the correlation of your cabinet doors to the cabinet face frames. This overlay affects how much of the cabinet frame shows and can change the appearance of your space from traditional to a contemporary-style kitchen. Here is an in-depth explanation of cabinet door overlays below, including the difference between a full overlay versus a partial overlay:

KraftMaid Full-Overlay Doors on Peppercorn Kitchen Cabinets.

Full Overlay Cabinet Door

A full overlay cabinet door style means that there is very little cabinet face frame showing around each door and drawer front, creating a living space with a modern style and seamless appearance.

KraftMaid Partial Half-Inch Overlay Doors on Peppercorn Kitchen Cabinets.

Partial or 1/2 inch Overlay Cabinet Door

Partial-overlay cabinet doors are cabinetry designed with ½-inch overlay door and drawer fronts, which leaves 2 inches of the cabinet face frame exposed between the doors, creating a more traditional kitchen look. Partial-overlay cabinet doors are also called standard, traditional or half overlay.


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