DuraKraft Plus Finishing Process

At KraftMaid®, it’s never been just about the products we make. It’s also about the people we make them for. Our customers’ high expectations drive us to continually improve everything we do. That’s why we recently invested millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours to create the DuraKraft Plus Finishing System.

We’re so confident in the quality of our finishes, we back our cabinetry with a lifetime limited warranty. It’s because we believe that our kitchens should look as beautiful in 20 years as they do the day they’re installed. It’s one more reason to design a kitchen that bears the name ’KraftMaid.’

The four pillars of the DuraKraft Plus Finishing System:

Wood Selection

  • Highest grades of renewable American hardwoods
  • Lumber-drying kilns designed in partnership with world-renowned wood science laboratories
  • Computerized imaging equipment inspects and measures to ensure strength and beauty
KraftMaid DuraKraft Plus Finishing Process
KraftMaid DuraKraft Plus Finishing Process

Sanding & Prepping

  • State-of-the-art sanding machines — the first of their kind in the US
  • Utilization of hand-sanding that’s typically reserved for custom cabinetry
  • Exclusive cleaning tool removes dust so the finish applies evenly from door to door
  • Joint sealant is now applied to select painted doors to reduce the appearance of fine lines

Color Application

  • Hand-detailing creates an artistic touch that you won’t find most anywhere else
  • Three coats of catalyzed enamel on door fronts and two coats on door backs for a durable rich finish
  • Hand-wiping the stain ensures that the color absorbs and enhances the woods natural characteristics
  • State-of-the-art virtual spraying simulators enable us to train and assess the skills of our craftsmen
KraftMaid cabinet color application Durakraft process
KraftMaid DuraKraft Plus Finishing Process

Proprietary Topcoat

  • Two-layer topcoat developed in partnership with one of the world’s leading finish manufacturers
  • First layer seals in the color and is oven-cured to heat-activate its protective properties
  • Hand-polishing eliminates hazy appearance seen on cabinets from other manufacturers
  • Second layer applied and oven-cured, providing a silky-smooth texture and additional protection