Design Trends - Soft Modern

Soft Modern
Soft Modern Highlight

Homeowners with an appreciation of art, travel and current fashion are attracted to a Soft Modern design that mimics a Zen, spa-like retreat. Clean, contemporary lines pair with an organic palette of wood, stone and metal to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The eclectic collection of modern, exotic and industrial elements also creates an intriguing style tension. With textural patterning and crisp lines, cabinetry is taken to a new level, enlivening the space. Characteristics of the Soft Modern trend often feature a clean slab door, veneer finish or pillowed edges.

Design Tips


The pillowed design of the Judson door style carries paints and glazes well and can be transformed to Modern Farmhouse or Heritage trends, depending on the finish.


Inspired by the Cove look, the Kendrick door style makes a bold statement when combined with Cove accessories.


Kendrick looks stunning with a stained, painted or glazed finish in Soft Modern settings, while applying glazed finishes in dark hues can add a fresh twist to Heritage style.

Room Example

Door Styles

  • Slab Panel - Solid (ML6) Maple in Natural

  • Square Recessed Panel - Veneer (AB5M) Maple in Natural

  • Slab Panel - Solid (AW6) Cherry in Natural

  • Square Recessed Panel - Solid (AB6C6) Cherry in Natural