If the plan for your kitchen renovation includes both new cabinetry, storage solutions and new appliances, it is important to select the kitchen appliances before making any permanent cabinetry decisions. This is because major appliances such as refrigerators and stove ranges contribute to the overall layout of your kitchen. They will influence decisions like the size and fit of your kitchen cabinetry and storage design of your room. Your kitchen designer can help you make the most of your kitchen’s space and assist you with the right choices.

Kitchen Appliances

Do You Need New Appliances?

We work closely with our customers and learn from their stories so we can share their experiences with other customers. One lesson that many customers have shared with us is that you may not want to keep dated appliances when installing new kitchen cabinetry.

Why? When properly taken care of, your new KraftMaid cabinetry and accents will be with you for years to come. Dated appliances may not and retrofitting replacement appliances after installation of your new kitchen cabinetry may present some difficulties. Although new appliances can add to your budget, in the long run it is money well spent to avoid issues with ill-fitting appliances, or cabinetry and flooring damaged during installation.

By including new appliances in your project plan, you have even more opportunities to create your perfect kitchen by tackling any restrictions or functionality issues that you have with your existing appliances.

So, how best to determine whether or not you need new appliances? Here are a few helpful questions to ask yourself:

  1. How old are your appliances?
  2. Are they noisy?
  3. How well do they perform?
  4. Have they required any recent repairs?
  5. Will they fit in with the new design of the space?
  6. Are your appliances Energy Star compliant?

If the answers to these questions raise any concerns, it’s a good idea to start doing some research on new features and trends in kitchen appliances.

Selecting a Major Appliance

The most important factor to consider is the size of your household and the number of cooks in your kitchen. This will help you determine the size of appliances to consider and help you decide whether or not you need an additional cooking area or a prep sink.

Next, evaluate the size of your kitchen to help determine the type of refrigerator, stovetop and cooking range you should purchase. If you’re limited on counter space, or space in general, look into stacked cooking units (an oven range rather than separate cooktop and oven) and narrow refrigerators.

Visit local appliance stores to explore the latest designs and features. Pay attention to details. Open up the doors on refrigerators and ovens to get an idea of the space they will need to open completely.

From a design perspective, collect images of the appliances you like from magazines and brochures. Identify what you like about each appliance and consider how the appliance will contribute to the overall look of the kitchen. Do you want stainless appliances to match your decorative hardware? Perhaps an oil rubbed bronze to coordinate with a rich finish? You might even consider appliances with a floating glass appearance to coordinate with a more contemporary style. Or would you rather conceal your appliances for a seamless look in your kitchen? Your kitchen and/or interior designer can help you with these selections.

Think about color contrast you would you like to create in your kitchen. Some customers like the look of dark appliances against light cabinets, while others favor the look of light-colored appliances against darker cabinetry.

Want to conceal your appliances? KraftMaid offers decorative appliance panels that match your cabinets and create a seamless cabinetry look in your kitchen. Not all appliances accept a panel, so be sure to review the specifications of the appliance for a trim kit before you purchase.

In the end, your kitchen designer is the best person to help you select the appropriate appliances for your home. You’ll save time, energy, and perhaps even money, by relying on their expertise in selecting new appliances for your kitchen.