Touch Up Cabinet Finishes


Touch-up of damaged wood surfaces

It is important to us that you remain delighted with your cabinetry. As careful as you may be, damage to a cabinet could eventually occur. A scratch or nick could become a permanent distraction in your cherished kitchen or bath. A simple touch-up procedure can often make these blemishes virtually disappear.

For your convenience, we provided (with orders of 10+ cabinets or a sink base) a touch-up kit designed for your specific cabinet color and style. Touch-up kits can also be purchased through a KraftMaid retailer or on our online store.

Note: Substantial repairs should only be attempted by professional refinishers.

To extend the life of your KraftMaid Cabinetry, please download the Full Care and Cleaning Guide.

  • Buff the damaged area, as well as the surrounding area, with the provided Scotch-Brite pad to achieve a blend of surface sheen. Example: Scotch-Brite the entire vertical member. (Be sure to practice first in an inconspicuous area.)
  • Shake the touch-up pen vigorously.
  • Depress the pen's felt tip on a piece of cardboard or scrap wood until the tip becomes saturated.
  • Apply the touch-up liquid with light, even strokes, using your fingertip to blend.
  • Allow to dry 1-2 minutes; if desired, spray with Clear Coat (available from your local KraftMaid retailer), or any commercially available clear polyurethane spray. We recommend a semi-gloss (35-40 sheen).
  • Evaluate the damaged area-is it repairable? How much touch-up will be required? Is professional help required? Proceed only if confident of skill level.
  • Apply the fill with an even back-and-forth motion to completely fill in the damaged area. (Hint: For easier application, you may soften the fill stick by carefully heating the end over a small flame.)
  • Gently remove excess fill with a straightedge and dry cloth.
  • Apply grain marks if necessary with the touch-up pen.
  • If desired, spray with Clear Coat or clear, semi-gloss (35-40 sheen) polyurethane to seal.
  • Apply touch-up in gentle, even strokes, not allowing the fluid to accumulate in any single area.
  • If required, apply a grain pattern with a thin permanent marker to match the rest of the area.
  • If desired, spray with Clear Coat or semi-gloss (35-40 sheen) polyurethane; allow to dry.