Budgeting Basics

If you’re like most people, one of the first things you wonder is, “How much does a new kitchen cost anyway?” Dozens of variables will influence your specific bottom line cost, but these averages can give you a frame of reference.



$75/sq. ft.

What you get for your money:
  • Keep existing layout
  • No “behind-the-wall” work
  • Laminate or tile countertops
  • Replace appliances
  • Keep existing flooring
  • New central light fixture



$150/sq. ft.

What you get for your money:
  • Modify layout (reconfigure shape, add island)
  • Some new drywall with plumbing and electrical upgrades
  • Solid-surface countertops (Corian®, Wilsonart)
  • Appliance upgrades (stainless steel finish, add a wine cooler)
  • Replace floor using vinyl or laminate
  • Add recessed and undercabinet lights



$250/sq. ft.

What you get for your money:
  • Expand the kitchen size, add windows
  • All new walls, wiring, plumbing and insulation
  • Stone countertops (granite, marble, quartz)
  • Professional-grade appliances (built-in refrigerator, six-burner range)
  • Replace floor using tile or hardwood
  • Add recessed, undercabinet and decorative pendant lighting

Why the ranges?

Keep in mind, these illustrations are based on national averages.

  • According to a 2019 report by HomeAdvisor®, the range for a kitchen remodel is between $12,500 and $34,000.
  • Remodeling magazine Cost vs. Value Report lists the national average to remodel a 200-square-foot kitchen with midrange materials between $22,500 and $66,000 – with the low end being a minor refresh and the upper end being a more major remodel.
  • A 2017 National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) report reveals about half of all homeowners (48%) spend $15,000 or more on their kitchen remodel.

Something as simple as where you live can make a big difference in what your kitchen will cost. Remember that $66,000 average for a major kitchen remodel listed in the Cost vs. Value Report? It costs 14% less to complete that project in the Midwest ($62,400) than it does on the Pacific coast ($72,500).

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! A kitchen remodel can be a smart home improvement. Payback begins immediately when you see how a new kitchen makes your home more enjoyable. In the long run, it can also boost the value of your home. The Cost vs. Value Report estimates homeowners have recouped up to 62% of their kitchen investment in improved resale value.

Now, about your project…

Whenever you’re ready to dig deeper into a budget for your remodel, we’ve got ballpark calculator and project estimator tools to help you come up with more exact figures.