Delivery Status FAQ

The latest updates and information about KraftMaid® delivery times.


What is the current KraftMaid delivery time?

Customers should expect 6-12 weeks to receive their order.

How does that compare to normal delivery times?

Normal delivery time is 4 – 5 weeks, depending upon the geographic location of your delivery.  Our current delivery time is 6 – 12 weeks, with the majority of orders arriving in under 7 weeks.

Why the delay?

It’s not an issue of building cabinets—it’s a matter of getting them to their final destination.  Many of our transportation and logistics partners are facing delays.  Complications in scheduling deliveries, constraints at distribution centers and a driver shortage are adding to total delivery times.  The location of final delivery is a factor, as certain areas of the country are experiencing these logistics constraints more severely than other areas.

So, what is KraftMaid doing about it?

We know remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is a big endeavor.  We’re very sorry for the inconveniences and stress you may be experiencing from these delays.  Please know that we are leveraging all transportation options and constantly working with our logistics partners to get your cabinetry delivered as quickly and securely as possible.  We’re encouraged by recent improvements we’ve seen, and are optimistic that delivery times will continue to improve as transportation providers bolster their workforce to meet demand.

What should I do if I already placed my order?

We understand you’re excited to see your new room come to life, so we’re working to get your order delivered as quickly as possible.  We recommend you don’t demo your existing kitchen or bath until you receive your order.  It’s far easier to live with a house full of boxes waiting for installation than to live in a house without a working kitchen or bath.

What if I’m ready to place an order?

Go ahead!  We welcome the opportunity to make your project one you’ll love for a lifetime.  Your local designer or retailer will be able to give you a good estimate of delivery timing for your area.  And, when you place your order, our schedulers will quickly identify the timeframe for your specific delivery.

Where can I get more info?

Visit this FAQ page for the latest updates on our progress. Check your email inbox for messages about your order status. And track your order on our website to see when your order moves to manufacturing and then delivery. (Have your purchase invoice/order number handy before you go.)