Measure Your Space

Before you and your designer can come up with a floor plan layout that makes sense, you’ve got to grab some basic measurements of your existing space. Use the kitchen measurement guide below to help you measure your kitchen with cabinets, appliances, openings and walls. Watch the video below to see a step-by-step guide on sketching your new kitchen and measuring the space for the remodel.  

Sketch of kitchen on graph paper

1. Sketch an Outline of Your Kitchen

Label each wall with a number or letter for easier reference in future design and new kitchen layout planning discussions. Precise scale isn’t important. Take pictures of each wall and closer shots detailing any obstructions. This step helps your designer visualize the things you’ve noted on your drawing.

2. Locate Openings and Obstructions

Mark the general location of any windows, door openings and obstructions like radiators or structural posts.

3. Locate Kitchen Appliances

Mark the general location of your sink and range.

4. Grab a Tape Measure

Measure the full width of each wall from corner to corner. Jot down the measurements (in inches) on your drawing.

5. Measure for Openings and Obstructions

After you’ve measured the overall width, go back and measure the locations of all the openings and obstructions you’ve already marked.

  • Measure windows and doors from the outside edge of the trim on one side to the outside edge of trim on the other. Note the height of each opening too.
  • Also measure your kitchen from the nearest wall/corner to the center of each window and door.

6. Locate Any Utilities

Identify all water supply and drain lines, gas lines, electric outlets and HVAC vents. If you can’t see the gas line behind the range, for example, then measure to the center of the range. The gas line will be located nearby.

7. Measure the Height of Your Room

If you have soffits, the part of the ceiling that drops down to meet the top of your upper cabinets, then get both floor-to-ceiling and floor-to-soffit measurements.


How to Measure Your Kitchen Video with Step-by-Step Guide:


Download a printable checklist and kitchen cabinet template on how to measure your kitchen in seven simple steps:

Download Measuring Checklist (PDF)