Assembled By Hand

There are no pre-assembled or pre-finished cabinets. Experienced cabinetmakers assemble your order to your final design using woodworking techniques you’d find on fine furniture.

Trained Artisans

Not just anyone can make a KraftMaid cabinet. Artisans train for months in order to create perfectly imperfect distressed finishes that meet our standards.

Master Finishers

How particular are KraftMaid associates? Many of our finishers customize their glazing and highlight brushes by trimming the bristles to play up the application techniques they have developed over the years.



Exacting Inspectors

Throughout the assembly process, your order is carefully reviewed by certified inspectors to ensure quality.

One at a Time

Every cabinet in your order is built at the same time to ensure consistency and completeness. We call it the “One Kitchen at a Time” approach. KAAT for short.

Speedy Send-Off

Once a cabinet reaches the end of the assembly line, it’s inspected again, boxed for shipping and immediately loaded for delivery. This reduces the number of times your cabinets are handled (along with chances for potential damage) and minimizes your wait.