Inspecting Your Delivery

Learn the right way to inspect your cabinet order once it arrives at your home.

We recommend that you unbox and inspect your entire cabinet order shortly after it arrives. Why? The sooner you identify anything that’s not perfect, the sooner we can work on making it right.

Since every KraftMaid® cabinet is made to order, it may take a while to build and ship your replacement. The last thing you want is to have your project stall out or have to live without a working kitchen or bath for longer than necessary while you’re waiting on a replacement item to arrive.

How to Unbox and Inspect Your New Cabinets

While we use strict Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) standards, and our own rigid quality control process as we go over every cabinet before it’s boxed up for delivery, things can happen during shipment. So it’s best if you give everything a once-over for your seal of approval before you start any demo. Here’s how:

  • Find the small, white box that says OPEN ME FIRST. In addition to containing important installation parts, this box includes a complimentary sample touch-up kit to fix any small scratches or dings that might happen during installation. Set it aside for your installer.
  • Cabinets are heavy and cartons can be awkward to handle. So avoid lifting them whenever you can. (Hopefully, you’ve found a place with plenty of room to inspect and store your order so you don’t have to move any boxes around.)
  • Use a utility knife or box knife to slice the carton along one of the side panels where it meets the top. Then slice down both edges of that same side panel from top to bottom. Take care to only slice through the cardboard.
  • Open the flap you’ve just created and fold it down to the floor.
  • Remove any edge or corner protection inside the carton and slide the cabinet out onto the flap.
  • Look for any damage or defects. Open doors, drawers and roll-out trays. (Keep in mind that it’s easy to adjust minor door and drawer misalignments that may have happened during shipping after your cabinets are permanently installed.)
  • Once you’ve inspected the cabinet, slide it back into its carton for protection until you’re ready for installation.

What If Something Isn't Right?

Your first call should be to the designer who helped you place your order. They’ll have all your specific order information on file and can quickly arrange a fix.

You can always contact KraftMaid Customer Care to discuss your order as well. Call our toll-free consumer line at 1-888-562-7744 or use our contact form to email us with your questions.