Ballpark Budget Calculator

Calculate your kitchen remodel budget with KraftMaid calculator.

It’s a challenge to set a remodeling budget for your kitchen renovation and anticipate everything it has to cover when you’re just getting started. So, this ballpark kitchen remodel budget calculator uses common, rule-of-thumb calculations and national averages to give you a general estimate of what it might cost you overall and on each part of the project, from kitchen cabinets and countertops, to flooring, appliances, and everything in between. This tool helps you understand how much to budget for your kitchen project, based on either the budget you have available to spend or based on your home value and the average percent recommended for renovation.

Here's how the KraftMaid kitchen remodel budget calculator works:


Have a Budget in Mind?

Get a cost breakdown for your project. icon-question.png It’s good to have an idea of how your total budget will likely get divided up. Plus, seeing itemized subtotals by category can help you make informed choices as you plan out your space.

Your Renovation Budget


Need Help Setting a Budget?

Use the fair market of your home as a guide.

Your home's current value: icon-question.pngIt’s OK to guess here. You can also use the appraised value from a recent property tax bill or use a site like Zillow or Trulia to get a realistic estimate of your home’s value.
% of home's value used for remodel: icon-question.png A commonly used guide is to invest ±15% of your home’s value in your remodel. Adjust that percentage up or down depending on the scope of your project, your desired materials or how your local real estate market is trending.