Ways You Can Save

If your ballpark budget or initial estimate numbers make it seem like your dream kitchen will never be more than just a dream, don’t worry. There are lots of ways you can cut costs without sacrificing your vision.

check mark Keep Your Current Layout

Costs can balloon when you add windows, remove walls and relocate plumbing, gas or electric lines. Explore ways to make improvements without significant changes to your existing space.

check mark Look for Affordable Alternatives

Seek out material options that give you the look you want for less:

  • Instead of a cabinet door with a solid-wood center panel, look for a comparable style with a veneer center panel to cut cost without dramatically changing your design plan.
  • You can get the appearance and character of hardwood floors in laminate, engineered hardwood or even tile.
  • Design choices don’t have to be all or nothing. For instance, consider budget-friendly butcher block on the perimeter counters, but splurge for quartz on your feature island.

check mark Consider Updates in Phases

Maybe your appliances are in good working order. Make that a future upgrade. Or add the tile backsplash next year. You won’t necessarily reduce your overall costs, but you’ll spread out your expenses over time.

check mark Ship Smart

While it makes sense to have a room full of cabinets delivered directly to your home, you might save money if you have other materials, like fixtures and flooring, shipped to the store for you or your installer to pick up.

check mark Do (Some of) It Yourself

If you’re up to the task, consider doing the demo work yourself. Or tackle the painting. Or tile your own backsplash after the kitchen is done. Saving on labor adds up quickly.

check mark Time it Right

Contractors are generally busiest in the summer and the months leading up to the holidays. You may find a better deal on labor if you schedule your work just after the new year.

check mark Sell Your Old Stuff

If your cabinets and appliances are still in good working condition, carefully remove them to list for sale online. You may not fetch much, but you’ll offset some of your costs.


Visit our easy-to-use project estimator to see how scrimping (or splurging) on various elements in your remodel changes your overall budget numbers.