Vintage Finishes


Availability varies on Cherry

This labor-intensive finish process gently turns back the hands of time, leaving a vision of heirloom cabinetry that has been well loved and equally used. First, the unfinished door and drawer fronts are uniquely distressed and over-sanded throughout. Next, several coats of heavily pigmented stain saturate the wood for a rich, beautiful color. This semi-opaque stain allows the perfect hint of wood grain to come through. The corners and edges of the door and drawer fronts are over-sanded once again, revealing the natural beauty of the cherry.

  • The vintage finish technique involves multiple steps, which include random distressing and over-sanding, to create an aged appearance. Because of the hand-application of the different techniques, no two doors will look exactly alike.
  • Vintage finishes are in the same family as painted finishes and share the same characteristics. As wood naturally expands and contracts, the joints on the door do the same. Hairline cracks, such as joint lines, may result. Joint lines are normal and do not affect the strength of the door’s construction.

Available finishes

cherry-vintagebiscotti.jpgVintage Biscotti on Cherry
cherry-vintagecanvas.jpgVintage Canvas on Cherry
cherry-vintagechai.jpgVintage Chai on Cherry
cherry-vintagechaiwithcinderpatina.jpgVintage Chai w/Cinder Patina on Cherry
cherry-vintagechaiwithcocoapatina.jpgVintage Chai w/Cocoa Patina on Cherry
cherry-vintagechaiwithcoconutpatina.jpgVintage Chai w/Coconut Patina on Cherry
cherry-vintage-greyloft.jpgVintage Greyloft on Cherry
cherry-vintage-midnight.jpgVintage Midnight on Cherry
cherry-vintagemushroom.jpgVintage Mushroom on Cherry
cherry-vintageonyx.jpgVintage Onyx on Cherry
cherry-vintagepebblegrey.jpgVintage Pebble Grey on Cherry
Vintage Dove WhiteVintage Dove White on Cherry