Advanced Protection

We’re always looking for ways to improve and enhance the performance and durability of your kitchen and bath. Here a few of the innovative products we’ve recently come up with.



Extra smooth. Extra solid.

  • EverCore® doors and drawer fronts are formed by super-compressing wood fibers under extreme mechanical pressure. The result is a strong, stable material with a grain-free surface that produces a particularly smooth painted finish.
  • Because EverCore is so dense, it reacts less to changes in humidity than regular wood. That means less chance of doors sticking from swelling in humidity, less hairline separations at door frame joints from dry conditions and less shifting in center panels.
  • Best of all, EverCore is a more affordable alternative to most natural wood options.



Protect the beauty outside from minor leaks and spills on the inside.

  • Behind the wood frame and doors that match the rest of your cabinetry, CoreGuard® Sink Bases are constructed using a durable, easy-to-clean engineered polymer material that resists damage and staining.
  • The ribbed base elevates the items you store under your sink. No leaks, drips or spills will soak the bottom.
  • Plus, CoreGuard is molded to slope forward and collect liquid in the front of your cabinet so hidden leaks won’t go undetected for very long.

Coreguard Sink Base Coreguard Vanity