Ideas on How to Design a Farmhouse-Style Kitchen

Posted by KraftMaid on 21st Oct 2021

Farmhouse-style kitchens are an expression of simpler times, complete with warmth, charm and a lot of laid-back appeal.

KraftMaid farmhouse-style kitchen.

Popularized by recent home improvement shows and interior decorating websites, the farmhouse look seems to be everywhere you turn these days. What makes this style such a favorite in the kitchen? And how do you create it in your home?


Farmhouse style is influenced by, you guessed it, the homes rural farmers built for their families in the mid-1800s. These humble, hard-working homesteads emphasized practicality. Nearly everything was built to serve a purpose and handcrafted using materials typically sourced from the surrounding land.

Today, this style translates to an uncomplicated, comfortable design that ranges from country chic to rustic. You’ve got it right if the look appears to have been assembled over the course of a century or more. Always casual. Always natural. And always welcoming.


Though the farmhouse kitchens that inspire you may look very similar, there’s room to personalize this style to fit your personality. After all, it’s based on a look that evolved over decades. You don’t need everything on this list, and there’s even more we didn’t include, but these elements will get you off to a great start.

  • Simplicity. You won’t find anything fancy or ornate in a farmhouse kitchen. So opt for a door style with flat center panels and keep the details minimal.
  • White. Farmers often limewashed, or whitewashed, their homes for protection – making white synonymous with farmhouse style. Since brighter, cooler whites can come off as too modern, opt for creamier versions like Warm White or Canvas. (Add extra character with our Vintage finish technique.) For an instant heirloom look, try Aged or Weathered Picket Fence, which replicates a painted finish that’s been there for generations.
  • Reclaimed wood. Even if your kitchen doesn’t have centuries-old, hand-hewn beams in the ceiling, you can use our Aged Bourbon finish to replicate that vibe elsewhere. Make it a contrasting finish on your island, choose it for a freestanding hutch, or feature it on some open shelving.
  • Shiplap. Need we say more? (Other than you can get KraftMaid shiplap planks painted to match your cabinetry. Just add them to your kitchen order.)
  • Apron front sink. This throwback design has become a farmhouse style favorite. In fact, it’s often called a farmhouse sink. Its got a large, easy-to-access basin, and we’ve got a sink base cabinet made just for it.
  • Black accents. Simple and striking, a touch of black can add a powerful punch of contrast to a farmhouse kitchen. Consider matte black hardware, black barn lights as island pendants, or a matte black kitchen faucet.
  • Industrial elements. You may have noticed threaded steel pipes and fittings used as table legs or as supports for wall shelving in farmhouse design. Those are great examples of how industrial elements fit this look. Or scour flea markets for vintage metal drafting stools, choose commercial-style stainless steel appliances, and hang cast iron skillets on a wall.


The best way to get the farmhouse look is to work with a local KraftMaid designer on your kitchen plan. But if you have a question about something particular, like whether a certain floor tile you love goes with the farmhouse look, then send it to a member of our in-house design staff. We’ll be happy to offer some advice.