The Best Cabinetry Colors for a Rustic Kitchen

Posted by KraftMaid on 26th Jul 2021

Farmhouse? Industrial? Cabin in the woods? The stain or paint colors you’ll choose for your cabinets depends on which type of rustic kitchen style you’re trying to create.

While every rustic design is based on some common elements – simple forms, an emphasis on natural materials and handcrafted construction – there are many ways to design a rustic kitchen. And color plays a big role in giving each different look its individual character.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

KraftMaid farmhouse fresh, rustic, white kitchen cabinets.

This vintage Americana look is commonly associated with a warm- or off-white palette. The idea is to replicate the appearance of limewashing that rural farmers used in the past to protect their homes. (It’s okay to substitute white with color as long as it’s a barely-there tint, like Serenity.) Add contrast with weathered wood on accents or mix-and-match cabinetry. Consider: 

  • Warm White | EverCore®  
  • Cottage | EverCore® 
  • Weathered Picket Fence | Maple  
  • Aged Picket Fence | Maple

  • Rustic European Kitchen

    KraftMaid rustic European kitchen cabinets paint colors.

    Inspired by centuries-old Tuscan villas, rustic European kitchens often feature stains with warm undertones to match the sunny Mediterranean climate. Choosing a lighter color is more of a present-day interpretation of this style than the darker, heavy browns used in recent past. Add our  distressed finish technique for a mellow, timeworn elegance that fits this Old World look. Consider:

  • Distressed Barley | Rustic Alder
  • Distressed Cognac | Hickory
  • Aged Bourbon | Cherry

  • Rustic Industrial Kitchen

    KraftMaid industrial rustic kitchen cabinets stains.

    Industrial style frequently repurposes oversized, chunky objects from turn-of-the-century factories (even the factories themselves) for use in residential living. So, stains that show off big, bold woodgrain patterns, like Rustic Alder or Rustic Maple, and paint-based finishes that have a substantial presence will fit right in. Consider:

  • Husk | Rustic Alder
  • Distressed Baltic | Cherry
  • Aged Concrete | Maple

  • Rustic Cabin Kitchen

    KraftMaid cabin-look rustic kitchen cabinets stains.

    Achieving an authentic rustic cabin look starts with celebrating natural materials. You don’t want anything that competes with the genuine splendor already present in the wood itself. So, any finishes that obscure much of the woodgrain should be used sparingly or just on a featured area, like an island. Consider:

  • Natural | Rustic Hickory
  • Honey Spice | Maple
  • Ginger with Sable Glaze | Maple

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