Frequently Asked Questions

Once I place my order, when can I expect to receive my cabinets?

KraftMaid cabinetry is made to order for each customer. We call it a Kitchen-at-a-time (KAAT) In most cases, you can expect your order to take roughly four weeks (depending on geographic location and timing of your order). You can track your order online 24/7 and view its status or shipment. Top

Can I purchase KraftMaid cabinets online or directly from the factory?

KraftMaid cabinetry is available at more than 3,500 retail outlets around the country, but we do not sell cabinets directly from the factory or online. Our retailers will provide the design expertise and service you deserve for this exciting project. For the KraftMaid retailer nearest you, please visit our Find a Retailer page and enter your ZIP code. Top

Can I order a KraftMaid price list?

Each KraftMaid retailer establishes their own pricing policies, which reflect shipping and handling costs to their specific area. Additionally, pricing a cabinet order can be quite complex depending on the size of your space and the storage and decorative options you choose as well as any construction upgrades you desire. Please consult a local member of the KM family for a design and precise quote on your new KraftMaid kitchen, bath or other room installation. Top

Where can I get replacement parts, touch-up materials or polish/cleaner for my KraftMaid cabinetry?

We offer touch-up material in different forms, such as fill sticks, markers, aerosol cans and quarts of stain to meet a variety of needs. However, since we do not sell direct, this product must be ordered and purchased from a local retailer through their kitchen design department. Top

What wood materials are available from KraftMaid Cabinetry?

We offer more than 100 door styles in oak, hickory, birch, cherry and maple. However, not every style is available in every wood type. Please browse our gallery of door styles, your KraftMaid Idea Book or reach out to one of our qualified design professional for a complete listing of door styles and available wood species. Top

What if my retailer does not have a sample, style or color that I’m interested in?

A local design professional can order door samples in almost any style, material, and color combination that we offer. You can also order them yourself in the Select My Products area of the site. Top

I visited two retailers who both sold KraftMaid products, but the cabinet names were not the same. Why?

Style names vary from retailer to retailer. Additionally, some door styles are exclusive to certain sales channels. Please bring a picture of the KraftMaid cabinetry to your local design professional so they can identify the exact style that you're looking for and provide you with information specific to their store. Top

How do I clean and care for my new KraftMaid cabinets?

Cleaning for your cabinets is a relatively easy process. For cleaning and maintenance tips, please visit our care for your cabinetry section. Top

What is KraftMaid’s limited lifetime warranty?

Basically, as long as you own your home, we will guarantee your cabinetry to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship under normal residential usage. For a copy of the warranty and further details, please visit our warranty page. Top

Can I purchase a stain to coordinate the trim around my windows with my cabinetry?

You can order a stain through a local design professional. To identify the stain on your cabinetry, please refer to your purchase receipt or invoice number of your original order. This information is also included on a label attached to your sink base cabinet. Top

What is KraftMaid doing to support the environment?

Environmental responsibility is a commitment at KraftMaid Cabinetry. We are continually looking for ways we can lessen our impact on the Earth. To learn more on how KraftMaid is committed to the community and the environment, please visit our Environmental Commitment section. Top

Where are KraftMaid products assembled?

All KraftMaid cabinets are assembled and inspected here in the United States in our facilities in Northeast Ohio. Top

How do I apply for a job?

We’re always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated workers to join our family. To view our current job openings, please visit our careers page. Top

How do I find an installer or designer?

Your local vendor can recommend certified installers (general contractor), interior designers and kitchen designers. At KraftMaid, we believe it’s important that you work closely with the professionals to bring your vision to life and ensure a proper installation. Top

Can I purchase KraftMaid cabinetry for every room in my house?

KraftMaid cabinetry is available for the kitchen, butler’s pantry, bathroom, bedroom, office or library, great or family room, laundry and craft rooms, dining room, bedroom, bonus room, lower level kitchen, and entry way - basically anywhere in your home where you want beautiful customized furniture. To view a wide selection of ideas for cabinetry solutions by room, visit our room gallery and become inspired. Top

Can I purchase doors or drawer fronts for my cabinetry rather than the entire cabinet boxes?

We offer the option to purchase only the doors and/or drawer fronts. However, sizes are limited to those used on KraftMaid cabinetry only. Your local local design professional is the best resource to determine available sizes. Top

Can I purchase KraftMaid Storage Solutions to utilize with my current cabinetry?

KraftMaid offers many of our storage solutions as after-market installations or kits. However, sizes will be configured to be used in KraftMaid Cabinetry. Top

I am a builder and I have a project that needs a large amount of cabinets? How do I go about ordering this high quantity of cabinetry?

Please visit your local KraftMaid retailer so that they can contact a KraftMaid sales representative to get you correct pricing information. Top

I need to replace a cabinet, but the style has been discontinued. What should I do?

Please contact a KraftMaid Customer Care Representative at 1-888-562-7744. Top

How do I become a KraftMaid dealer?

KraftMaid currently sells through an established network of kitchen and bath dealers. In some areas KraftMaid may be interested in establishing new dealer locations if a dealer meets specified criteria.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer and meet the criteria, please complete this dealer request form. Make sure to indicate that you’re a trade professional. A KraftMaid sales representative will contact you.

Where can I get information about KraftMaid Momentum® cabinets?

You can learn more about KraftMaid Momentum by visiting KraftMaid Momentum can be found at your local Lowe's home improvement store. To find a Lowe's store near you visit the Lowe's site here: .