3 Splashy Tips for a Better Bathroom

3 Splashy Tips for a Better Bathroom

Posted by KraftMaid Marketing on 25th Jan 2012

We like to think of the bathroom as a sanctuary within the home. It’s a beautiful, personal space that delivers relaxed mornings and rejuvenating evenings, keeping the stress of the outside world at bay. And while designing and creating the bathroom of your dreams may not be high on your project list, there are plenty of simple ways to create a havenand give yourself everything you need to start and end your day right. Here are a few splashy updates you décor DIYers can put into practice to breathe new life into your bathroom.


You know how important great lighting and a big mirror are for getting ready, but often, little luxuries like a chair or vanity bench are overlooked. With bathroom space often at a premium, all design elements need to have a purpose and work hard. Seating space serves double duty, providing a place to sit and get ready, but also keeping your bath necessities close at hand. Don’t be afraid to get creative in your chair choices­, it’s a great chance to try something new–think vintage or shabby chic.


We know your bathroom has a mirror, but does your bathroom have the right mirror in the right place? That’s a question you should ask yourself if you’re feeling like your space could use a little lift. A larger mirror will reflect more light and more color, making the bathroom look and feel more spacious. Dress up your new fixture with a frame, or if you’re feeling thrifty, try a door casing. Believe it or not, wallpaper is back on-trend, so consider incorporating a wallpaper or stencil border around the mirror to add or enhance a design theme in the space.

Bathroom Storage Solution

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Stylish Storage

Whether you need to purge your drawers to free up room, or add some functional touches to keep your countertops clear, there are plenty of options for both. Keep the bulkiest items from your drawers by storing extra toilet paper in plain sight or hanging spare towels from a rack on the back of your door. Take advantage of the added storage by using baskets and organizers to limit the clutter. Decorative storage options can also add some personal flair to your space; so don’t overlook fun opportunities here, either.

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