3 Tips To Save Money On Your Kitchen Cabinetry

3 Tips To Save Money On Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Posted by KraftMaid Marketing on 5th Nov 2013

If you’re like most people, your kitchen is one of the places in your home where family and friends tend to congregate. Making it a functional and comfortable living space is a priority, especially if it’s your forever home.

So how can you get the kitchen you’ve always wanted while sticking with your budget? We asked award-winning designer Sarah Reep, a nationally recognized leader in the kitchen and bath industry, who shared three tips on how to save money on cabinetry.

1. Choose Doors With Wood Veneer Center Panels

“Many people mistakenly assume that veneer is a lower quality than solid wood, but that’s not always true,” Sarah states. “For instance, KraftMaid Cabinetry uses quality veneer that is securely affixed to a panel of engineered wood.” To make your money go further, Sarah suggests considering doors with veneer center panels. “The rest of the door is solid wood, there’s just a veneer panel in the center. It’s durable, looks great and most people can’t tell the difference.”

2. Opt For Half Overlay Door Styles

When cabinetry is designed with half overlay door and drawer fronts, it leaves two inches of the cabinet frame exposed between the doors. The alternative is full overlay, where there is very little cabinet frame showing. Sarah says, “If you’re trying to trim your budget and like a more traditional look, a half overlay door style is a great option. Because half overlay doors are smaller than full overlay doors, they require less material and will reduce your cabinetry’s total cost.”

3. Add Finish Upgrades In Select Areas

“If you fall in love with a more expensive finish, don’t sacrifice it completely due to budget. Instead, compromise.” Sarah recommends using a standard finish on the majority of the cabinetry and creating a focal point with a finish upgrade. “An island or built-in banquette is a great way to add that special touch of color,” she says.

With these few tips and careful planning, you can create the perfect kitchen that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Check back often for more money-saving tips and design inspiration.