7 Tips to Surviving a Kitchen Remodel Project

7 Tips to Surviving a Kitchen Remodel Project

Posted by KraftMaid on 14th Jan 2021

The construction process can turn out to be the ultimate test of your remodeling resolve. We’ll help you get through the demo, the dust and the disruption of a kitchen remodel.

Choosing the right kitchen contractor

You did it. You stuck to your budget , lined up a great contractor and waded through hundreds of backsplash tile options to find “the one.” (Whew!) Just one hurdle to clear before all the planning you put into your project pays off. Unfortunately, that last hurdle includes the unavoidable part – where your old kitchen is gone in a cloud of dust and your new one isn’t up and running yet.

With these tips – and the right mindset – you can minimize the stress and the hassle of the construction and installation process of your kitchen remodel.


Long before demo begins, come up with a strategy for how you’ll handle brewing your morning coffee, prepping lunches for the kids and washing dishes once your old kitchen is out of commission. (Check out our favorite tips and ideas for  setting up a makeshift kitchen that actually works.)


Don’t wait until the day your cabinets arrive to start prepping for construction. Pack away little-used items now. Begin to pare down all the duplicates you’ve accumulated through the years. Toss expired pantry goods. You’ll be glad you got ahead of the chaos. Be sure to take a few “before” photos so you can show everyone the dramatic transformation too. 


All the noise, activity and strangers in the house can be tough on your four-legged family members. Ask a neighbor, friend or family member to foster your pets so they’ll stay calm, safe and out of the way.


Construction dust seems to make its way everywhere. Before demo begins, hang plastic sheeting and place floormats at each entrance to your kitchen to minimize cleanup. Cover anything that’s vulnerable, like art, electronics and food, with a bedsheet or light tarp. If you have a forced air HVAC system, buy extra filters and change them frequently during construction.


This goes for everything, from how you stock your refrigerator (wherever it ends up during construction) to tracking the progress of your project. Make daily checklists and keep calendars up-to-date as you go along. Staying on top of life as much as you can will help you maintain a sense of control.


Can you afford a few nights at a local hotel? Will a kind neighbor host you for a weekend? Or could you coordinate housesitting for a friend or relative while they’re on vacation? Getting away from the construction site, even for a night or two, can be a refreshing mood booster.


Every remodeling project reveals some unexpected surprises. If you find yourself facing a problem, don’t feel like have to make any split-second decisions. Take the time to process the situation and understand your options. Talk it out with the experts you’ve hired. Trust that your contractor wants to get it right and get it done just as much as you do.

The most important thing you can do is remain focused on getting a kitchen that you’ll love for years to come. You’ve rounded the corner and your dream space is closer than ever. So keep this part of the project in perspective. We promise it’s all worth it .