How to Use Grey in Your Kitchen.

Posted by KraftMaid on 4th Nov 2021

Whether it’s a subtle, misty shade or a deep, shadowy tone, grey is becoming a go-to choice for kitchens ranging from traditional to contemporary. See how you can put this color trend in play for your design plan.

Moonshine silver grey on KraftMaid kitchen cabinets.

Use it when you worry about white being too boring.

Grey can strike that perfect balance of being a color without being colorful. If you love the idea of a clean, airy look, but think white cabinetry is too sterile, consider Moonshine. With a soft hint of silvery grey, you’ll  add interest to your palette without straying too far from the appeal of a white kitchen.

Riverbed charcoal grey on KraftMaid kitchen cabinets.

Use it when you think black is too daring.

Black makes a glamorous statement wherever it’s used. (Think: that  snappy tuxedo kitchen look with black lower cabinets and white wall units.) It can also be a little too bold of a commitment for some tastes. With a deep charcoal grey, like Riverbed, you can get that sophisticated impact you’re looking for without going all the way to the dark side.

Greyloft neutral grey on KraftMaid kitchen cabinets.

Use it with other colors.

Grey is quite the versatile neutral. It plays well with nearly any other color as long as you match the undertones. Choose a shade with brown undertones (greige) when you’re using it with warm colors. Go with a blue-grey or green-grey when you’re creating a scheme that features another cool color. Once you’ve coordinated your undertones, look to create some contrast between your two colors – a lighter grey with a more saturated color or a more defined grey, like Greyloft, with whites and pastels.

Weathered River Rock warm grey on KraftMaid kitchen cabinets.

Use it with stained wood.

Whether it’s on cabinetry or hardwood floors, there’s no better way to create a welcoming feel than to showcase the natural character of wood with a stained finish. Combining stained wood with a warm grey finish, like Weathered River Rock, in a two-toned kitchen design can make your space even more captivating, if not more inviting.

Translucent Monument Grey finish stain on KraftMaid kitchen cabinets.

Use it to mimic stained wood.

Going grey doesn’t mean you have to have painted cabinetry. Our Translucent Monument Grey finish is a great example of how to use grey in a way that highlights and enhances the  natural wood grain of Hickory, Maple or Oak. It’s an uncommon look that’s got loads of depth and personality.

Thinking of going grey?

Try a few of these ideas on for size using our Kitchen Visualizer tool. It’s an easy way to see some of our most popular grey finishes applied to different door styles and paired with various countertop, flooring and backsplash materials.