Small Kitchen Design Ideas and Remodel Tricks

Small Kitchen Design Ideas and Remodel Tricks

Posted by KraftMaid on 8th Jun 2021

Having limited square footage shouldn’t limit the possibilities of what your kitchen can do. These clever ideas can make a cramped kitchen feel (and function) like a much larger space.


Sometimes, there’s just no way to bump out your kitchen. But you can still create the perception of a room that lives large. Start by using a few design tricks that work to visually expand the space you’ve got.

Open things up

Bring more of your room into view using clear Bistro glass doors on your wall cabinets. (#ProTip: Order a contrasting back panel and in-cabinet LED accent lighting for some unexpected drama.) Or consider replacing an entire wall of uppers with open shelving. Keep the look clean with floating shelves and the entire kitchen will feel light and spacious.

KraftMaid Bistro glass doors for wall cabinets.

Close colors for close quarters

Using similar colors and tones on your cabinets, flooring, counters and walls creates a seamless appearance that makes the room appear larger. All white is a classic choice, but any monochromatic scheme works just as well. (While you’re at it, cover your fridge and dishwasher with appliance panels so they visually disappear too.)

KraftMaid appliance wood panels.
Bright lights, big kitchen

From natural light to task lights to toe kick lighting , you’ll want to layer in plenty of light to brighten up a compact kitchen. Consider polished countertops, shiny backsplash tile and high-gloss foil doors to reflect the light too.

KraftMaid toe kick drawer kitchen lighting.

Get connected

Even if you can’t expand the space, you can usually find a way to open up your kitchen to an adjoining room. Knock down a shared wall, create a pass-through or enlarge the entryways between the rooms. Having views to adjacent rooms will connect the two spaces and make both appear grander.

KraftMaid open-concept kitchen ideas.


Here’s where working with KraftMaid® and your local kitchen designer really makes a difference. Together, we’ve got all kinds of ways to get the most out of the space you’ve got. (#ProTip: It always helps to pare down as much as you can and start with an  organized kitchen before you sit down to plan your new one.)

Elevate your space

Choose the tallest wall cabinets you can fit and hang them all the way to the ceiling to gain extra storage. Even if you need a step stool to reach the upper shelves, having a place to put your infrequently used serving dishes and cake stands will create more space for the things you use every day.

Utilize every square inch

Got a sliver of space between your range and the wall? Add a filler pull-out cabinet . Never sure where to keep those placemats or parchment paper sheets? Hide them away in a toe kick drawer. Rarely used corner cabinets ? We’ll help keep those tough-to-use spaces readily accessible too. Making every part of a small kitchen functional pays big dividends.

Double-duty work zones

With slide-in, slide-out convenience, a pull-out table is great for extra prep space, but can also act as an impromptu home office laptop station. A dining nook banquette offers both seating and storage. Any space that serves more than one purpose is ideal in a space-starved kitchen.


We know that small kitchens can pose some of the biggest remodeling challenges. So  send us your question, and one of our in-house KraftMaid kitchen designers will respond with advice on how to solve your small space dilemma.