Trend Spotting: 3 Hot Kitchen Looks for 2021

21st Apr 2021

Want to know what’s trending for kitchen design in 2021? Looking for inspiration for your upcoming remodel? We highlight three kitchen styles you’ll likely see everywhere in the coming year.

Kitchen styles are always changing, and this year is sure to bring us new ideas and new rules. The three design trends we see on the horizon for 2021 have their roots in existing styles, but each puts a new spin on those familiar looks.

Modern Transitional

During the last decade, we’ve seen contemporary style grow in popularity. No surprise. There’s a lot to love about the simple, orderly look of a contemporary kitchen. Contemporary design influences are showing up in more transitional kitchens too – creating a modern look with greater mass appeal.

Get the look with KraftMaid:

  • Combine clean lines with warm colors or wood textures.
  • Choose a slab door as the foundation for a streamlined look.
  • Pair Warm White with Natural or Barley stain for an inviting Scandinavian-inspired color scheme. Or, consider an entire kitchen in Translucent Monument Grey or Translucent Phantom. The rich, warm undertones and visible wood grain balance dramatic impact with cozy vibes.
  • Keep fixtures and hardware simple and geometric.

  • Colorful Farmhouse

    Just about everyone has the same definition of a farmhouse-inspired kitchen – white on white with a few raw wood accents. That’s changing. Farmhouse style still guides the overall look, but homeowners are giving it more personality with color.

    Get the look with KraftMaid:

  • Replicate a vintage, handcrafted look. Then, add your favorite color.
  • Lean toward a door style with simple details and a recessed panel design – a Shaker door or one with a V-grooved center panel.
  • Stick to warmer colors for a welcoming feeling. If using color throughout the space feels too much for your taste, pair it with white. (We like the fresh hint of green from Serenity paired with Warm White or Aged Picket Fence.)
  • Consider a Vintage finish technique with your paint color to create the charming look of a kitchen that has been well used and well loved.
  • Boost the farmhouse factor by adding shiplap to walls or the back side of your island.

  • Material Mix

    Today, it’s chic to combine different materials in your kitchen design to amplify visual interest in the space. Painted and stained cabinetry. Glossy and textured surfaces. Different metals for hardware, fixtures and lighting. Variety is welcome as you create your own unique look.

    Get the look with KraftMaid:

  • Focus on creating a balance between each material choice. Adding just a bit of one bold element, like a stained Cherry hutch in an otherwise white kitchen, is enough to stand out without dominating.
  • Unify the look of a kitchen with two different cabinetry finishes by using the same door style in both.

  • Want a deeper dive?

    Talk to a  local KraftMaid designer to learn more about these kitchen design trends and to see how you can make them your own. They’re the perfect resource to help you through the entire planning and selection process so you get a kitchen that’s not only on trend, but also spot on for the way you want to use it.