Wood Characteristics and Properties

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Exclusively from KraftMaid®, EverCore® is a high-performance alternative to a traditional natural wood species. This exceptionally strong and dense material is formed by super-compressing wood fibers under extreme mechanical pressure. But the simplest answer is that EverCore is a smooth, stable cabinet door and drawer front that’s perfect for kitchen and bath designs that call for painted cabinetry.

KraftMaid EverCore cabinet door in grey Heron paint

KraftMaid EverCore cabinet door in grey Heron paint


Unlike natural wood that expands and contracts with the weather, EverCore reacts less to changes in humidity. That means less chance of doors sticking from swelling in damp or tropical air, fewer occasions of seeing any hairline finish separations at door frame joints in arid conditions, and minimal shifting in center panels in variable climates.

On top of all that, EverCore is easier to keep clean than most natural wood species because it’s free of any woodgrain texture where dirt and grime can hide.


We introduced EverCore specifically for paint finishes. We designed it to have a super smooth, ultra-uniform surface – even smoother than Maple – so our durable enamel paints and DuraKraft™ Plus protective topcoat dry to a silky touch. It’s a luxurious look with an equally exquisite feel.


Because EverCore is so dense, it resists everyday dings and dents just as well as Hickory, the hardest of the natural wood species we offer.

Plus, EverCore performs just as well as any natural wood in terms of structural integrity and long-term durability. Like all the materials we use in our cabinets, we test EverCore to ensure it exceeds industry standards for toughness, construction strength, and fastener retention.

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