Three Latest Kitchen Trends We’re Loving Right Now

Posted by KraftMaid on 22nd Jan 2024

Meet Modern Mountain, Japandi and Global Maximalism: the latest kitchen design trends you’ll likely be seeing more of everywhere you look.

Shaker-style Modern Mountain home kitchen with Evergreen kitchen island

Modern Mountain kitchens incorporate solid aspects of nature to create a feeling of sanctuary.


Modern Mountain home kitchen design combines two hot trends – the resurgence of Modern design and the growing desire to bring nature inside our homes.

“Modern Mountain design is an evolution of the rustic cabin and ski lodge design styles,” said Tressa Samdal, Director – Design Trends & Innovation at KraftMaid®. “You’ll still find prominent use of woodgrain, stone and leather from those styles. But now these natural elements are in a space that’s purposefully streamlined to have a clean, crisp look.”

How we did it in our Natural Wonder Modern Mountain kitchen:

  • The bold woodgrain pattern of Hickory is featured on a simple, Shaker-style door profile – merging rugged texture and simple, straightforward design.
  • The island is painted in Evergreen to bring in a nature-inspired color palette.
  • Black appliances and cabinet hardware coordinate with the black-framed windows, which draw your attention to the vistas outside.

Japandi-style kitchen design with Overcast grey cabinets and Japandi kitchen island

The relaxed feeling of Japandi kitchens comes from keeping things simple and beautiful.


Japanese and Scandinavian styles may seem worlds apart. But when the two come together in the Japandi kitchen design trend, the ensuing look is an attractive, East-meets-West mashup.

“Japanese and Scandinavian design are both rooted in simplicity, order and functionality. So, there’s a common overall aesthetic between the two,” says Samdal. “Japanese spaces often have a sleeker elegance to them, while Scandinavian designs tend to have a rustic coziness. Japandi blends those distinctive expressions to create a comfortable, sophisticated and contemporary look.”

How we did it in our Zen State Japandi-style kitchen:

  • The warm, monochromatic palette, featuring Overcast painted cabinetry and Wicker stained accents on the back of the island, sets the foundation for this room’s serene, homey feeling.
  • Unadorned, slab-style cabinet doors give the kitchen a minimalist appearance.
  • The slatted range hood enclosure and matching island accent make a statement in this simple space, adding visual texture to keep the space from leaning too Modern.

KraftMaid Global Maximalist kitchen design

Global Maximalist kitchen design is inspired by cultural cues from ancestry or travels.


Between technology and travel, the world is yours to experience and enjoy. The Global Maximalism trend fully embraces the places and cultures closest to your heart by integrating those local influences into your kitchen design.

“Global Maximalist kitchens don’t fit into a single design era or genre because they’re a pure form of self-expression. Homeowners have the freedom to bring in any styles that inspire them,” says Samdal. “The results are dynamic, eclectic and highly personalized.”

How we did it in our Deep Roots Global Maximalist kitchen:

  • A visually rich color palette features layered blues – from the deep, saturated Midnight island to the dusty blue backsplash tile, as well as the navy enameled cookware and multicolored decorative plate on display.
  • Latin American influences are expressed in the rattan pendant lights and handwoven area rug.


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